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We provide you with an expert range of services that will enable us to exceed your expectations and solve your tree or shrub issues.

We deal mainly with home owners just like you and we will prune your roses, trim your hedge or remove that Sycamore growing over the garage - all without harming or damaging any other plants or structures.

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Free Expert Arborist Advice

Removal of trees over structures and in confined spaces
All of our advice and quotes are free and without obligation within the greater Wellington region. Whether you want to know what to do about blackspot on your roses or how to get more light into your house we are the people to help you. We can provide you with up-to-date advice on the best ways for you to manage your trees and shrubs.

Site Evaluation

Our site evaluation will let you know exactly how to go about planting trees on your property and help you avoid pitfalls that other people run into when planting trees. We will help you pick the right trees that will suit your property and won't become a problem years down the track.

Solutions to Plant or Tree Issues

We will help you, or advise you on picking the best plants for your property. We will be able to let you know how big they will grow, the best location for them to grow, and help you with specific considerations for your site.


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